Our Mission
Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals and families while serving as a resource for the community, and providing individual-centered programs designed for both short term rehabilitative and long term residential care.

Our Vision
We envision Nevins to be a creative provider of individual and family-centered elder services. As an innovator, we will remain at the forefront of comprehensive and respectful care while ensuring the highest quality of outcomes and state-of-the-art, affordable elder services.

Leadership Team

Joyce Shannon
President and CEO
Nevins Family of Services

Sharon Walsh Sharon Walsh
Director of Business Operations
Nevins Family of Services

Melissa deFriesse Melissa deFriesse
Community Development Director
Nevins Family of Services

Cynthia Ashton Cynthia Ashton
Admissions Liason Director
Nevins Family of Services

Barbara Strzykalski Barbara Strzykalski
Director of Rehab Services
Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation
Kris Fleming Kris Fleming
Human Resources Director
Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation

Leslie Cafiero Leslie Cafiero
Director of Social Services
Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation

Brian EarnshawBrian Earnshaw
Director of Clinical Operations
Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation


2018 Board of Directors:
Volunteering at Nevins
If you are looking for ways to reach out and touch someone’s life, a great place to start is at Nevins Family of Services. We are always looking for volunteers to spend time with residents and brighten their days. Play cards, assist at bingo, help with meals, read a book to residents - all of these activities need volunteers. Seniors Helping Seniors is a volunteer program run with area Senior Centers. Let us know your interests and we’ll match it to a program.

Volunteering is a two way street. Your time is spent helping and enhancing another’s life while you have the knowledge and well-being that you made someone’s day a little brighter.

Please contact Bonnie Herrick at (978)682-7611 or bherrick@hcnevins.org to find out more about our Seniors Helping Seniors program and volunteer opportunities.